The Difference Between The 3157 vs 4157 Bulbs

Navigating the realm of automotive lighting can often become a maze of numbers and specifications. In this guide, we dissect the distinctions between the 3157 and 4157 bulbs, two models that are often deemed interchangeable due to their similar naming and design. However, a closer inspection reveals nuanced differences in performance, longevity, and functionality that could influence your choice.

Lifespan and Performance

Arguably the most significant variance between the 3157 and 4157 bulbs lies in their lifespan. The 4157 bulb, being a more recent design, boasts a lifespan that outstrips its 3157 counterpart by a substantial margin. This longevity is primarily attributed to the use of superior materials and the inclusion of Krypton gas, which also marginally enhances the brightness output of the 4157 bulb.


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